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Weekly Hands On Coaching Training camp and Plans.

  • Our Weekly Tue. evening run will be at Centennial middle school track this week. July 1.

    Hands On Coaching is a hit and our weekly run is the foundation of the program. First time is free. Come every Tue and I guarantee you will be running better than ever come race day! We meet at 5:45pm on Tue. at Centennial middle school track Boulder, Colorado. Check our Calendar, forums or Facebook page for location and time changes.

    More details for Hands on Coaching here!

  • That's right Ironman is coming to Boulder, CO in August 2014. Us here in the know have been hearing, talking, debating and planning this for some time. And we are ready. Ek Endurance Coaching will be providing athletes with more and better resources than anyone else can. "Training camp" full details and reg. is live! sports have all ready filled so don't miss out. "Winter base training plans and specific prep and taper plans" are also ready.

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